Payment Methods

Payment Options

Credit Card:

You can pay for your order by using your Master Card, Visa Card, Master Debit Card, Visa Debit Card or from your Paypal account balance.  

All credit cards payments are processed through the PayPal secure payment gateway and will ensure security and confidentiality.


If you choose PayPal as your payment method, you can use your PayPal account balance or your Credit Card or your Credit/Debit Card to make payment. 

Your payment will be processed immediately and we will be notified of that payment along with your order.  This is an automatic process and will ensure your order is dispatched that day to ensure the fastest delivery.

Dispatched in good faith:

We always endeavour to dispatch items within the above stated times.  Delivery time is an estimate provided by New Zealand Post. 

Estimated delivery time is not a guarantee of delivery time.  We make every effort to dispatch on time to ensure you receive your order within the estimated delivery time.  

If you do not receive your order within the estimated delivery time we apologise on behalf of the postal service which unfortunately is out of our control.  

If you do not receive your order in reasonable time please contact us via email to admin@ and please include your name, address details and your order number in your correspondence.  

We will make every effort to find your order and facilitate delivery.

If an item is listed on our website and the item becomes unavailable, we will not automatically supply something similar. 

We will contact you via email OR telephone and offer you a refund or a product of similar value – whatever you prefer - it’s your choice!

If an item becomes permanently unavailable from a supplier, we will cease to offer it on our website.


Dispatch:                                When we physically will send your order from our organisation

Delivery:                                 Estimated delivery times provided by the postal service of when you should expect delivery of your order

Credit Card:                                A Master Card or Visa Card is a form of credit card

Credit/Debit Card:                    A Master Card of Visa Card that uses funds in your savings or cheque account

PayPal:                                        PayPal is a service that allows you to send money and accept payments.  A payment gateway that is secure and independent of business users. 

                                             You can use your credit card to make payments through a PayPal account.